Jessica Curry

Multi award-winning composer and co-founder of renowned games company The Chinese Room



Perpetual Light fuses live choir, film and installation to create a unique and profoundly moving experience that remembers those who lost their lives in the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The Requiem is also a testament to humankind’s extraordinary will to survive. It is this celebration of hope that has earned the concert the endorsement of UNESCO, the United Nations body dedicated to fostering international peace and understanding. 

The extraordinary Old Vic Tunnels were an ideal site for this immersive, experience.

“Musically, the piece was rich and ethereal throughout. An exquisite mix of atonal and tonal music, Perpetual Light was a dark, tormented piece, punctuated by moments of brightness. Curry’s music did more than dig up the ghosts of our past; it shed light and hope upon the future of humanity.”
Alison Karlin, Bachtrack

“The music the choir make is exquisite; complex and interwoven and still sounding simple and urgent and sad.  It is a sublime experience to sit in this dark tunnel with the constant sonic rumbling of the trains over our heads like some omnipresent thundering of storms gathering, and fall inside this music.”
Performance Marks