Jessica Curry

Multi award-winning composer and co-founder of renowned games company The Chinese Room




"A stupendous musical score" Washington Post

"A beautifully haunting choral score: it’s simply magnificent.” The Sixth Axis

"Incredible music" IGN

“A gorgeous orchestral score” The Guardian

“The music and voice acting put other games to shame.” Games Radar

 "Tremblingly beautful" Push Square

“Rapture includes a soundtrack that perfectly augments the game's atmosphere of melancholy and futility. Rapture's ambience always sits you on the edge of sorrow, with the music never quite intruding in an obtrusive way, but pulling you in just close enough to dip your toes into the game world's melancholy. Its sounds make it hard for you to not feel like Shropshire itself: cold, alone, and utterly empty. A lonely, beautiful void.” Gamespot

"Jessica Curry’s phenomenal musical score deftly waxes and wanes along your journey, setting an atmosphere and progression with varied instrumentation. Magnificent choral arrangements punctuate key moments, and we couldn’t help but stop and bask in their glory.” Game Trailers

"When the orchestral choir breaks into song it feels as though you are being propelled through the sky. It’s glorious, and one of the best modern soundtracks in quite some time.” God is a Geek