Jessica Curry

Multi award-winning composer and co-founder of renowned games company The Chinese Room

shame chorus

Shame Chorus is a new music and spoken word project created by international artist Jordan McKenzie, working in collaboration with the Freud Museum in London, renowned psychoanalyst Susie Orbach and the London Gay Men's Chorus.

The project's starting point is Sigmund Freud’s famous ‘talking cure’, a mode of psychoanalytic analysis where a patient talks in order to allow the therapist to uncover hidden, repressed and unconscious desires.  

Susie Orbach and Sally Berry conducted a series of psychoanalytic interviews with members of the Chorus, asking them to recall memories of feeling shamed - events that may have in part shaped their feelings about themselves and their sexuality.

These recorded (and anonymous) interviews were given to composers and musicians from a range of genres who were commissioned to turn these memories into original songs and choral works that will be sung live by members of the Chorus in a collective act of catharsis, community and liberation. 

The project garnered a huge press reaction and will continue to tour in 2017.