Jessica Curry

Multi award-winning composer and co-founder of renowned games company The Chinese Room



Well, it’s (shamefully) been a year since I last updated the news section of my website. I had a steep and slow road to recovery back to health after shipping Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and that necessitated slowing down from my usual frenetic pace.  I don’t think this has been any bad thing though as I’ve had time and space to reconnect with friends, family, art and music.  This has been a real joy and has given me the headspace to evaluate where I want to travel to next in my career.


Firstly, the reaction to the music of Rapture has been absolutely phenomenal – I receive emails and tweets every day about how much the soundtrack means to people so thank you to all those of you that have taken the time to get in touch.  It’s also been nominated for and won many awards, which is incredible.  At the time of writing we’ve just been nominated for a jaw-dropping 10 BAFTA’s, including Best Music. I was really pleased that the music was in the Top 10 in the Official and Classic FM charts and it was named Soundtrack of the Year by the esteemed MOJO magazine. I am still so very proud of the team that made our beautiful game and I am still so proud of the game.


So, what have I been up to?  Well, I’ve been working with the immensely amazing Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy on a new project which is going to premiere in Durham Cathedral in July 2016.  The piece is for brass band and choir and it’s been great to team up with Rapture orchestrator Jim Fowler again. I have loved every minute of writing the music for this project and I can’t wait for you all to hear it.  I think it may be even sadder than the Rapture music if that’s possible.  Thanks go to PRSF Women Make Music Fund, who awarded me a grant to write the music.


I was also selected for FAMLAB, which was organised by British Council, BFI, HOME and PRS.  This was an incredible week of masterclasses, workshops and talks with composers and film-makers from all around the world.  It was an honour to be selected and I also had a possibly obscene amount of fun during the week.  I was definitely one of the naughty ones!


I’m in talks with a record company right now- can’t say more at this point but it is potentially enormously exciting and I’m also finally making moves to put Dear Esther onto vinyl, as so many of you have requested.  I’m writing a funding application and I’m also slowly making moves to record my Requiem Perpetual Light: Requiem for an Unscorched Earth.


Lots of you have asked what my role is at The Chinese Room these days…so, I am still a Company Director and am involved with high-level creative, strategic and financial decisions but what I’m not doing is the day to day development as I did with our last three games.  I have to say that this suits me much better- I am writing so much more music now and I’m loving it. Dan is doing a grand job running the company and as we are married we of course talk about the company and the new game all the time!  I can’t believe that we’re in production with our fourth game and I feel incredibly proud that Dan and I have created a sustainable company and have made three quality games.  We are self-funding our new title and although it is a monumentally scary prospect I also know that we have an amazing team who couldn’t let us down if they tried.  Dan’s concepts, as always, are magnificent and I can’t wait to get properly started on the music.


Not being involved on a day to day basis means that I’m now available for freelance work, whether that be games, film or media, so do get in touch. 


So, when I said I’d slowed down I maybe exaggerated a little ;-) Thank you to everyone who has sent good thoughts and kind wishes over the last year.  It’s official:  CURRY IS BACK.